City summit postponed

The heroin summit proposed by Mayor Gabriel J. Campana for June 5 has been postponed with no makeup date yet set.

Campana announced plans for the summit during a recent town hall meeting when he alerted the public that he was inviting influential leaders to participate, among them U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

Also on his list were state Attorney General Kathleen Kane, members of Gov. Tom Corbett’s administration, mayors of communities with similar narcotics problems and state and federal lawmakers.

He said Tuesday he continues to try to get as many movers and shakers in the state and federal governments as he can to attend the summit, which he said will be rescheduled.

Campana said it was not the best weekend for discussing the solutions to the drug epidemic with so many visitors planning to arrive for the Little League Baseball celebration of its 75th anniversary the following day.

Campana said it also is not an easy task to coordinate a summit and get all of the possible participants to arrive on the same day.

The summit was to be closed to the general public while specific ideas on how best to manage the growing heroin epidemic were discussed, with the members of the media being given a briefing after the summit.