City warns of citations on yard waste debris

It can cost $100 per day if yard waste remains outside near the curbline after May 20, according to city codes and Streets and Parks Department personnel.

Since April 22, employees have been routinely scooping up the loose materials of brush, plants and clippings left along the city curblines, not in alleys, and removing them at no cost.

The city is asking property owners to have the materials outside by May 12, with the final pickups taking place until May 16, and enforcement through citation May 20 and after, according to Joseph Gerardi, city codes administrator.

Gerardi said he’s given ample warning through the newspaper at City Council meetings, so nobody should be caught off-guard.

A city ordinance gives the city authority to set fines until the debris is removed at the property owners’ expense.

The city has a brush pile at 1500 block of West Third Street. It is not at the new recycling location closer to Lycoming Creek.

Loose material is the only kind that will be picked up. If there are plastic bags, they will not be collected, said William C. Wright, general manager of city Streets and Parks Department.