City woman values community relationships

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City resident Stacia Abernatha is self-employed as a small business owner.

“We need to support other people’s small businesses,” said Abernatha, who sells a specific brand of silver jewelry. Her husband is a professional painter.

“It helps the city residents and homeowners when we do,” she said.

Abernatha explained that meant that self-employed people such as herself pay taxes, such as the mercantile tax, which is a tax on the gross receipts of someone doing business within the city.

“Regardless of the economy, the best way to have a flourishing small business is to develop a relationship with the people in the community,” she said. “Get to know people. Be involved.”

One of the best ways to develop business relationships is to greet people one-on-one, take walks downtown and be seen out in the community and part of the city, she said.