Grant Street water lines now complete

WELLSBORO – Grant Street residents have new water lines, and municipal authority officials are hopeful at least some of the water leaks that have cost the borough money will no longer be a problem.

The new 4-inch lines place old lines that were discovered to have been responsible for at least some of the 200,000 plus gallons per month that were being lost.

The approximately $130,000 to pay for the lines and installation came from the municipal authority’s natural gas impact fee account, said authority Treasurer Sue Keck.

“We have final inspection Friday morning, and I will be compiling to see where we are with water usage on those days when we shut it off,” said Borough Manager Dan Strausser.

In addition, Strausser reported, sewer and water line mapping will start in June.

The authority will continued to look for runoff sources of storm water that are getting into the sewer system as well, he said.

“There are a lot of sump pumps and I believe there are a lot of downspouts, which will be easier than finding the sump pumps. We will go back with water with food coloring in it where the downspout goes down and then pop the manhole and see what color it is. We have them not only in residential buildings but big commercial buildings as well,” Strausser said.

In other business, the authority:

Approved a proposal from Charles Griscavage to repaint up to 340 fire hydrants in the borough for $20 per hydrant. Most of them will stay the same color as they are now, according to Strausser. “No one can tell me when the last time they were painted,” he said. The work will include scraping, sanding and priming all rust areas before applying a finish coat of paint to the hydrants. The cost will be nearly $7,000.

Heard a source water protection meeting with Pall membrane officials to tour the water system went well. About 60 percent of the borough’s water is going through the system, Strausser said, and the sand filters have not been touched yet this year. “Usually this is the second time they would have been done already per year.”

Heard that Wheeland Lumber Co. paid the authority $46,000 plus and will start on the woodlot this week.