Jersey Shore’s board mulls new furniture

JERSEY SHORE – The Jersey Shore Area School Board is considering new furniture for the Jersey Shore Elementary School. The board met Monday night and heard a presentation on the possible new furniture from Bruce Boncal, instructional technology specialist. The furniture would be used for 35 to 40 classrooms in the elementary school.

Boncal told the board that the Capital Projects Committee has been discussing the idea of purchasing new furniture for awhile now. The main focus is to have furniture that is durable and comes with a lifetime warranty. It also is important for the furniture to be PCT tile friendly.

The desks and chairs that Boncal showed the board were adjustable, so it could be proportionate to the students throughout the years. The desks had solid plastic desktops, in the hopes that there will be little damage to them. The chairs were poly plastic, that are very light, but also very strong, Boncal said.

The lowest bid for the furniture has been estimated around $252,000, and money has been set aside from the Capital Projects Fund for the furniture. The goal is to have the new furniture last more than 30 years, Boncal said.

Bruce Rogers then presented the need for new lockers in the middle school locker rooms.

“Those (current) lockers are horrible,” Business Manager Adrienne Craig said.

Rodgers presented new lockers under consideration by the board with a plastic-like frame with a built-in combination lock.

The lowest bid was estimated around $123,000 for 300 lockers on the boys locker room and 300 lockers for the girls locker room.

The board also is considering painting E-Wing of the middle school. For two coats of premium latex paint in the halls and classrooms is estimated to cost $20,000.

Parking lot paving and sealing and new high school and Salladasburg stage curtains also are being considered to come from the Capital Projects fund.