Movie theater adds screens

Williamsport cinema-goers will have more variety when they take in a show downtown.

Four new screens are taking the place of two larger auditoriums at Digiplex Cinema Center.

There will be two 110 seat theaters and two 120 seat theaters.

Mayor Gabriel J. Campana and his daughters Elle, 9, and Caroline, 5, stopped by the theater Friday to meet with Cinema Center’s managing director, Les Barnhart, and Digiplex Destinations marketing and communications representative, John Halecky, to tour the new addition.

The decision to renovate was made to give audiences optimal viewing along Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers standards, Halecky said.

The expansion also allows the theater to bring in more specialized entertainment, like independent films and event presentations.

Adding the new auditoriums will allow the theater to hold onto movies longer, Barnhart said.

The smaller theaters also will be available for private rentals.

Campana commended the theater as a great place for families.

“The movie theater has been a wonderful addition in our growing downtown,” Campana said.