Roadwork projects highlighted

In the months and years to come, it’s going to be a smoother and safer ride on roads, highways and bridges in Lycoming County.

Dozens of construction projects designed to improve driving conditions and the safety of the highway and bridge network in Lycoming County are scheduled over the next four years.

Insights on top projects were shared at the Williamsport Area Transportation Study Technical Committee meeting Friday by Mark Murawski, Lycoming County transportation planner.

County residents can anticipate 80 road and bridge projects to get underway, 46 of them made possible through funding from the state transportation law.

“We got about $66 million and used to get $50 million in base allocation,” Murawski said.

The project encompass a cross-section of the county and everyone who is paying higher gas tax and more cost for driver’s registrations will see a benefit, Murawski said.

The main focus is to repave or reconstruction roads and repair or replace structurally deficient bridges or those about to become that status.

Transit, such as bus services, will receive $25 million, among them River Valley Transit, which has begun to transition its bus fleet over to using compressed natural gas.

The state Department of Transportation is coordinating the projects with utilities and other entities to alleviate traveling headaches with detours and flagmen, when necessary, said T. J. Cunningham, of the committee.

In some cases work will be done at night and consideration of events bringing heavier traffic volume, such as the Little League Baseball World Series, is given.

Additionally, utilities are being given advance notice of the projects as are the health care systems and mail, postal and packaging services.

A public comment period on the projects begins May 28 and continues for about 30 days.

Murawski isolated 10 projects that will receive more than $1 million in funding.