2 accused for meth lab in Hughesville

HUGHESVILLE – Joshua Lee Moser, 32, of 408 E. Water St., and Bruce Harvey Woodcock, of 34 Michael Ave., Lot 37, have been charged in connection with an alleged methamphetamine lab at Peterman’s Trailer Court in Hughesville.

Both men face felony charges of manufacturing methamphetamine, operating a methamphetamine laboratory and illegally dumping methamphetamine waste, possession of red phosphorus and other materials with intent to manufacture illegal substances and risking catastrophe. Moser also faces charges of possession and use of heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia.

State police investigated Lot 37 at Peterman’s Trailer Court on May 1 after property owner Ronald Sweet reported suspicious activity.

Sweet allegedly told police that Moser and Woodcock were staying with the lot tenant, Frances Ackley, and could be seen coming and going from a shed behind the property at all hours of the night.

Ackley consented to a police search of the property and the shed. According to an affidavit, police found “a clear plastic vessel containing greyish material consistent with waste generated during the production of methamphetamine.”

Due to the dangerous nature of the chemicals involved in methamphetamine production, the Clandestine Laboratory Response Team was summoned.

After the shed was opened, Moser became very nervous and was observed placing something into a vehicle on the scene, the affidavit said. Moser was taken into custody and a blue bag of heroin, four suboxone pills and two hypodermic needles allegedly were found on him. Eleven similar bags of blue heroin were found in the vehicle, police said.

Woodcock was charged with violating the conditions of his probation. While in custody, Woodcock told police that he and Moser were manufacturing methamphetamine in the shed behind Ackley’s residence, police said. Woodcock allegedly told police they would find materials associated with the production of methamphetamine inside the shed.

Moser was arraigned June 2 before District Judge Jon E. Kemp and was incarcerated in lieu of a $90,000 bail.