2 injured in motorcycle crash Saturday

Two Williamsport residents were injured in a motorcycle crash on Route 87 near the Upper Fairfield Township building Saturday afternoon.

James L. Graham, 56, of Williamsport, and a passenger, Tracy Erb, 43, of Williamsport, were traveling on the highway when the bike crashed into the guide rail alongside the road, according to state Trooper Edward Dammer.

Graham and Erb suffered minor injuries and were transported to Williamsport Regional Medical Center. The two were conscious when police arrived.

Graham told Dammer that a car stopped in front of the bike, causing him to swerve off of the road.

The motorcycle skidded a long way, but didn’t make impact with the other vehicle, Dammer said.

“I told him, if he was in a Prius, it wouldn’t have done anything,” he added.

The crash delayed traffic for about 20 minutes.