Mansfield woman allegedly hires police to kill her husband

MANSFIELD – Alberta J. Rolfe, 64, of 1947 Route 660, was charged with criminal homicide and illegal sale or transfer of a firearm, and jailed without bail after she allegedly tried to pay undercover state police troopers to kill her estranged husband.

According to documents filed at District Judge James Carlson’s office, Rolfe tried to get them to kill Lyle Rolfe, also 64, of Geneva, New York.

Police said she provided them with a Bryco .380 caliber pistol, her title to a 2003 Chevrolet station wagon and an HP laptop computer as collateral for killing her husband.

She also provided police with a floor plan of Lyle’s residence and where a safe was located that they could take and swap after the killing.

After receiving the items they took her into custody and arrested.

Her preliminary hearing was set for June 25 at 9:30 a.m.

Police initially were alerted to the plot by Rolfe’s daughter, Teresa M. Clark, on June 7.

Clark allegedly told police that her mother had approached her around the beginning of May about having Lyle killed, after she found out he was removing her from his will.

Clark said her mother wanted to know if she knew anyone who could have him killed, then suggested that she (Clark) make him a batch of poisoned cookies and mail them to him from a post office in New York state, so it could not be traced back to them.

Rolfe allegedly then gave the plan a nickname calling it “Operation Crafts.”

Clark also said her mother had sent her text messages about having Rolfe or finding someone to kill him.

On June 9, Rolfe went to Clark’s house in Richmond Township for a visit, and while there, brought up the killing again, and asked if she knew anyone who could help.

Rolfe also told Clark she was going to prepare the cookies and poison them using prescription medication and asked how much it would cost, to which Clark said nothing.

Rolfe then mentioned that Lyle had a few insurance policies that she as the beneficiary of and that she had it figured out to the exact dollar amount how much she would receive when Lyle was dead.