South Williamsport on a #throwbackthursday to remember

South Williamsport seniors graduated Thursday evening at Rodney K. Morgans football stadium with the theme #throwbackthursday. #Throwbackthursday is a popular trend on social media where users post a picture of themselves from years ago on Thursdays. With the graduation falling on the same day as the popular trend, the graduates made sure they made memories for the #throwbackthursdays yet to come.

Once the seniors were seated on the football field, graduates Gabriela Burch, Kiersten Betz and Roxanna Keller took turns speaking on how popular television shows relate to what the graduates now are going through. Burch spoke about the popular 1990s cartoon “Rugrats,” and how each of the seniors plays a role on each adventure they go on, similar to how the babies have their specific role in the show. Burch explained that each adventure can make you take on a different role, sometimes someone is the leader like Tommy and sometimes someone is the worrier like Chuckie. No matter what role the graduates play, they are of to a new adventure.

“Today we will enter a world of new and exciting adventure,” Burch said.

Betz reference the graduating class to the hit movie on Disney Channel “High School Musical.” She explained that each student has their own personality and interest, similar to the movie, but when they come together as a class they are blended and together they create something great.

“Our class is full of strong and unique individuals,” Betz said.

Roxanna Keller compared the graduates to Sheldon Cooper on the show “The Big Bang Theory.” This year’s season ended with Sheldon getting on a train and not knowing where he will go, similar to the graduates.

“We, like Shelodon, may not know what the future has for us,” Keller said.

Keller then took out her cellphone and stood with Burch and Betz at the podium, with the class of 2014 behind them, and took a “selfie” that the graduating class will always be able to use for their #throwbackthursday of their graduation.

After the remarks from high school principal, Jesse Smith, Lycoming County commissioner and a South Williamsport graduate, Anthony Mussare, the keynote speaker, explained that in life after high school the most important thing is to finish what you start. He said that even a dream house needs some repairs, similar to mistakes that everybody makes in life, but instead of destroying the house, grab a hammer and nails and fix the house, similar to mistakes in life.

Mussare also acknowledged what the students will do after they leave high school. He asked the students who are entering the military and their parents to stand and be acknowledged.

“You volunteered and you knew you might put yourself in harm’s way, and for that you are our heroes,” Mussare said.

To the graduates entering the work force, Mussare told them to consider the gas industry or learning a trade.

To the future college student he told them to make sure they study in the field you want and to finish.

“Study, work hard and finish,” Mussare said.

After Dr. Mark Stamm, gave the presentation of the class of 2014, the graduates walked up to the podium and received their diplomas from school board president, John Engel Jr.

To conclude the ceremony, Sabrina Mussare, class of 2014 president, passed the South Williamsport mantel on to the class of 2015 president, Carter Alexander. Passing the mantel symbolizes handing over the leadership of the high school to the next senior class.

“Carry on the tradition of South as we have done,” said Mussare.