Borough Council votes to spend $160,000 to fix wells

Montoursville Borough Council Monday night approved the spending of $160,000 for needed electrical upgrades of wells.

The improvements, to include the installation of a new generator and service line, will not interrupt water service.

Money to pay for the upgrades is to come from the borough’s water capital reserve account.

Councilman Dave Moyer noted that several options were considered.

“There were less expensive alternatives, but they didn’t solve the problem,” he said.

In other matters, council approved an ordinance to ban parking on the east side of Willow Street at the middle school during school hours.

The ordinance is meant to create a safer environment for students who in in the past have crossed the street to be dropped off or picked up from vehicles before and after school.

Council approved a memorandum of agreement involving other local communities for storm water management improvements.

Megan Lehman, environmental planner for Lycoming County, explained that the mandate regulated by the state Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, could include up to 10 communities as well as the county.

Council passed an ordinance to secure right-of-ways needed to construct the Broad Street sewer line project.

A five-year lease between the borough and Lamar Advertising was approved.

Under the contract, Lamar will pay Montoursville $3,500 for each of two billboards located on borough property during the first three years of the contract and $3,000 for the billboards in the final two years of the agreement.

Andrea Carpenter, a resident of the First Ward, complained to council about the presence of chickens in her neighborhood.

“I’m concerned about rodents and health issues,” she said.

Borough officials noted there exists no ordinance banning chickens from the borough.

Carpenter was told that council would look into the matter.

Council approved the subdivision request of Wayne and Cathy Rockey, 115 Winter’s Lane. It was noted that the borough planning commission earlier recommended the subdivision for approval.