Lifelong angler ready to ditch dry spell and hook some fish

Lifelong recreational fisherman Carl Ward has hit a dry spell, and he is hoping that it doesn’t last much longer.

“Me and my buddy like to go fishing a lot. It’s relaxing. We go out about every weekend,” said the 53-year-old Ward, who lives in the village of Grays Run, Lewis Township.

However, for three weeks, his fishing line has come up empty.

Ward, a welder for Axeman-Anderson Co. in South Williamsport, said he often fishes at Rose Valley Lake and Lycoming Creek.

When it’s summer, his thoughts usually are on his favorite fishing holes.

“I like to eat the fish, too. Trout is one of my favorites,” said Ward, who has been fishing since he was about 10 years old.

“I hunt in the fall. Fishing, it’s just something cheap to do,” he said.

Ward admitted that he really isn’t that good of a fisherman.

“The last three weeks we haven’t gotten anything. We still enjoy it. It gives us something to do and keeps us out of trouble,” Ward laughed as he drank a bottle of water.

“I made my daily limit once. That’s five fish in a day, according to the rule book,” Ward said, referring to a state Fish and Boat Commission regulation.

“I caught five in about half an hour,” he said.

“They must of just stocked the lake that very day or the day before. You might say I was at the right place at the right time,” Ward said.

Even if he doesn’t catch anything, he loves to fish.

“It’s calm and quiet by the water. Sometimes if you don’t catch nothing, and it’s really hot, you can always jump in and cool off,” he said.