Loyalsock joins other county municipalities in MS4 coalition

Loyalsock Township Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 to join with other local Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) communities to hire a new county employee to assist with new storm water mandates from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Under a memorandum of understanding, Loyalsock will agree to split the cost of expenses with about eight other municipalities to pay the salary of an MS4 coordinator for a total of $82,500 for a 16 month period. Township Manager Bill Burdett estimated the township would pay about $10,000 to be a part of the group.

The new employee will take on various responsibilities, including holding monthly meetings for the MS4 group, complete reports and plans for the EPA on behalf of the municipalities, run education programs on storm water management, train municipal officials and research funding for storm water projects as well as to help pay for the coordinator position.

The coordinator will report monthly to the supervisors and other municipality officials and will be paid quarterly.

Participating municipalities will have to attend meetings organized by the coordinator, help with planning and budgeting for their municipality and share necessary information with the coordinator.

MS4 municipalities were identified from a mandate that began at a federal level in 2004 and was passed down identifying communities that have run-off going into watersheds. New regulations are being put into place this year.

Supervisors also voted to sign a lease with Verizon to allow the phone company to install a flag pole cell phone tower at Heshbon Park, provided Verizon adhere to terms in a conditional use agreement, such as paying the electric bill for a light on the pole and maintaining the flag.

The township announced it soon will begin replacing street signs that do not meet Pennsylvania Department of Transportation standards of reflectivity. The township will replace 10 percent of street signs a year for the next two years to comply with state requirements.

The board voted in favor of adjusting admission prices to the community pool. Children 3 and under now will be granted free entry, while children ages 4 and 5 will be admitted for a reduced rate. Non-residents of the township will be charged one dollar more than residents.