Stormwater runoff issues on council’s agenda

City Council decides tonight whether to release up to $25,000 of natural gas impact fees related to stormwater management.

The money will be part of the cost estimated at $82,500 for Lycoming County to hire a coordinator for stormwater management who will work with several partnering municipalities and Pennsylvania College of Technology.

It also will be used so the city satisfies its pollution permit requirements to protect the Chesapeake Bay.

“The city administration is requesting council release the gas money in 2015 as part of the general operating budget for stormwater management to accommodate the cost of the city share of the coordinator and the cost of preparing the bay pollution reduction plan,” said John Grado, city engineer and director of community development.

“It’s a permit that I don’t think is going to go away,” he said. “We know it’s not going to go away as spelled out by the federal and state environmental agencies in the plan.”

Partners include the townships of Old Lycoming, Lycoming, Hepburn and Fairfield and the borough of Montoursville and the college. South Williamsport and DuBoistown have their own permit and also are part of the coalition.

The permit would mean the partners are in compliance with the state Department of Environmental and EPA regulations to reduce pollutants from getting into the bay via the river and its tributaries, Grado said.

For the city to meet the permit requirements it must put in place six minimal control measures: A public educational and outreach on stormwater impacts, showing people ways to reduce pollutants from entering runoff systems; a program with a target audience of residents, businesses, schools and municipal employees; publishing an annual newsletter; distributing materials;post-construction stormwater management and enacting a stormwater ordinance and establishing an outreach to public employees, so they can detect and eliminate improper discharges.

Other items on the agenda, include:

Amending an ordinance of the East Third Street Gateway Revitalization Advisory commission and expand membership

Hire a city police officer

Authorize submission of a grant toward renovation at Way’s Garden

Approve or deny demolition of a property at 735 High St., owned by Susquehanna Health