Watsontown man calls for reforms to court system

While many were enjoying the Lycoming County Fair last week, Watsontown man Delbert Mincemoyer had something a little heavier on his mind.

Mincemoyer said he was upset with the way the court system is run and particularly is disgruntled about legal fees.

“A local citizen has no rights. You have to have thousands of dollars to go through the court system,” he said.

Mincemoyer has gone through tough court processes for a divorce and ownership of his farm, and he felt his rights were not protected. He said he’s tried to find a solution to the problem, but it’s not easy.

“I don’t like to complain. I like to do something about it,” he said. “But this kind of stuff, you can’t pick up the pieces.

“The solution is to clean up the system and make it fair and not so costly,” he said.

Mincemoyer said for future legal issues, he’s looking into a group called the Citizen’s Alliance. He said it is a type of court system outside state and national groups that helps people settle their disputes. Anyone can volunteer to be selected for juries on cases run through the system.

He said many groups of the Citizen’s Alliance are forming in counties all over America and, while he admitted he hasn’t found out all the details of how the court works, he said it was something that piqued his interest.

Mincemoyer believes its important to get the word out on court issues. He sees a lot of people comment that there is no good news shared through public media outlets, but people need to understand that serious issues should be covered first.

“Until these things are taken care of, we don’t have anything nice to print,” he said.