Williamsport native appreciates architecture

For Khalilah Phillips, walking down Millionaire’s Row isn’t just a chance to take in some Williamsport scenery, it also is a chance to appreciate historic architecture.

“It’s so peaceful. I like to see the gardens and things and I like to know the history of this block,” Phillips said.

She has an appreciation for the Victorian design because she has experience restoring similar-era buildings, Phillips shared.

“I love to do restorations for antique housing,” Phillips said. “I like to fix things that modern carpentry just can’t do.”

Phillips said repointing brick and crown molding are two of her specialties.

“I use sand, lye and sometimes a little kerosene to help restore the original color,” Phillips said. “I love restoration work so much I’d do it for free if I could.”

She also enjoys the Victorian style roof and pillars on many of the houses.

Brass and copper are the hardest to restore, Phillips said.

“My brother has a mansion in Philadelphia and I restored a Civil War era chandelier for him. I restored it to its original finish. It was beautiful,” Phillips said.

Born and raised in Williamsport, Phillips appreciates the significance of Millionaire’s Row but has had some interesting experiences there.

“They used to say this block was haunted, like some lady was killed in the one house or something. One night me and Phyliss Jackson were walking to the Shamrock to get hoagies and we thought we saw a lady in the garden,” Phillips said.

“So now I don’t walk on that side of the block,” Phillips laughs. “I walk on the other side. This block on Halloween … that used to give us the ‘creepy-creeps.’ “

Despite some supernatural experiences, Phillips still enjoys walking down the street – in the daylight – to take in the building designs of days-gone-by.

“They don’t make houses like this anymore,” Phillips said.