Council seeks full disclosure

Over the next couple of meetings, City Council – in a letter circulated by Council President Bill Hall Thursday night – has asked the administration for a series of updates as budget season approaches.

Among the updates requested from the administration are the status of the surveillance camera system and the police records-management computer system.

Also requested is a report on what progress has been made with the updated rental ordinance designed to crack down on absentee landlords and tenants who are breaking the law.

Council anticipates reviewing different policies and initiatives before the budget season, according to the letter.

“To that end, we would like to have these reports finished and presented to council by the end of October, so the 2015 budget can be used to continue to improve the lives of all of our citizens,” the letter stated.

In other business, the Williamsport Parking Authority can begin to issue parking permits for those who park vehicles on streets near the Pennsylvania College of Technology and Lycoming College.

The authority was given the extra authority Thursday night after council approved an ordinance amending the parking law on second reading and changing the language from the city police issuing the permits to the authority issuing them.

“It gives the police department a greater opportunity to place an emphasis on more serious infractions such as major crimes,” Mayor Gabriel J. Campana said.

Anyone requiring a parking permit will continue to get them at the police headquarters in City Hall but that process will be phased out as people get used to the new process of going to the authority office on Pine Street, he said.