Jersey Shore moves ahead with plans for fixing sidewalks

JERSEY SHORE – Borough council Monday night accepted design plans of Stahl Sheaffer Engineering, of State College, for the downtown sidewalks improvement project.

Plans call for targeting nine areas where sidewalks are in need of repair or replacement, including spots where tree roots have caused walks to be uplifted.

The project will be funded, at least in part, by $120,222 in Community Development Block Grant dollars.

Councilwoman Marguerite Dyroff said improved sidewalks will create safer walking conditions for pedestrians.

The vote by council to accept the plan was 7-0.

Voting in favor were Dyroff, Kenneth Scheesley, John Pisarcik, Sean Simcox, Barbara Schmouder, Deborah Colocino, and Janet Barnhart.

Paul Garrett was absent.

Council voted to use part of the borough’s share of state Act 13 money to fund the summer recreation program and the public library.

The vote came following a plea by Kathy Miller to council to provide more dollars for summer recreation.

She told council recreation programs benefit the community’s families and children.

Dyroff and Colocino told Miller that the borough may not be as generous with funding in the future.

“We have bridges and other things in terrible shape,” Dyroff said. “You’re going to have to come up with raising some of your own money.”

Council went ahead and voted 5-2 to give summer recreation $8,250 and the library $6,275.

Voting in favor were Pisarcik, Simcox, Schmouder, Colocino, and Barnhart. Voting no were Dyroff and Scheesley.

In a personnel matter, council voted to hire Karen Hamilton for a part-time cleaning position in the borough.

Hamilton will work six hours per week and earn $9 per hour.

Council voted to appoint Lon Myers to fill a vacancy on the Tiadaghton Valley Municipal Authority.

Borough Manager Joseph Hamm advised council that the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources should soon be finished studying plans for the public river access project.

Once the agency approves the plans, the borough can advertise for construction bids for the project.