Jersey Shore School District approves AP chemistry and astronomy courses


JERSEY SHORE – The Jersey Shore Area School Board met Monday evening to approve advanced placement chemistry and astronomy courses for the high school this school year.

The board voted 8-0 on the decision. Voting yes were Craig Allen, Robert Pryor, Karen Stover, Harry Miller, Denise Smith, Heather Williamson, David Hines and Kelley Wasson. Absent from the vote was Loren Koch.

The board also approved $32,494 in change orders for the Jersey Shore Elementary project.

Bennell Inc., was awarded $785.45 to supply labor and materials to remove inwall and replace with an electric wall heater. It also was awarded $12,000 to provide labor and materials to install fire dampers in 10 classrooms in area A.

Bennell Inc., also deducted $862 for door frame damaged done by Bennell Inc., and replaced by eci Construction, and for damaged ceiling tile, that was replaced by eci Construction.

Eci Construction LLC., was awarded $4,843 to supply materials and equipment to finish storage room B221 with FRP panels, due to the room having three different finishes on the wall and not looking uniform, as directed by the architect; to supply labor, materials and equipment to replace door frame B215B, that was damaged by the mechanical contractor; supply labor, materials and equipment to frame the exterior entrance canopy, to receive EFIS as the existing structure was not framed low enough and there were no details in the contract documents; and to supply labor, materials and equipment to build a bulkhead in area C, due to the ceiling height changes.

TurnKey Electric Inc., was awarded $1,188 for labor and materials to run electrical wire from the art room sink drain pumps to electrical panel MLB2, and run electrical wire for the sound system to panel NELB2.

Prism Response Inc., was awarded $10,486 to provide labor and materials to remove asbestos containing mastic from behind existing corkboard, which was removed.

Jay R. Reynolds Inc., was awarded $3,192 for labor and materials to delete the drain line from room B217, supply under-counter pump and install piping overhead to room B214 and to relocate DWV and water lines for ADA classroom sinks in area 4A.

The board accepted letters of resignation from Katie Brass, a sixth grade teacher, effective Aug. 11, and Korinda Englert, food service employee, effective Aug. 11.

Korinda Englert was then hired as a four-hour aide at Jersey Shore Elementary School, at the 2014-15 classified substitute hourly rate, effective Aug 12.

Melissa Becker was hired as an elementary music teacher, for a salary of $51,643, effective Aug. 12.

Beth Gill was hired as a second grade teacher at Salladasburg Elementary, for a salary of $44,912, effective Aug. 12.

Kara Belles was hired as an instructional aide at Salladasburg Elementary School, for a salary of $14,655 effective Aug. 12.

The board also approved a rate increase for classified substitutes to $8.50 per hour, excluding crossing guards.

John Karchiner was hired as the assistant boys soccer coach, at a salary of $2,124.90.

The board also approved four volunteer coaches, effective Aug. 12 including, Tami Pedigree for cheerleading; Cole Black and Brian Bustin for soccer; and Frank Stetts for softball.