Mayor proposes baseball park enhancements

Mayor Gabriel J. Campana wants to use $150,000 in borrowed bond money toward improving safety aspects for patrons at Susquehanna Bank Park at Bowman Field.

“We have needs and we have wants,” he said earlier this week.

At the city public works committee meeting, Campana asked for the following projects to be funded:

Repair and patching of the broken concrete in the box seats.

Expansion of an entrance concourse.

Replacement of rusting fence.

Netting to prevent injuries from baseballs.

The city authorized $300,000 of bank financing toward the projects, he said.

So far, $150,000 has been spent on the replacement of the stadium roof, he added.

In response, City Council President Bill Hall, who was not at the meeting, said the administration is authorized to spend $300,000 toward the projects at the stadium.

“He can do with it what he deems necessary,” Hall said.

“We reluctantly agreed to borrow $20 million, but it was to pay for deferred maintenance to have been taken care of over the last seven years but was not,” Hall added.