Small portion of trail closed temporarily

JERSEY SHORE – A small portion of the Pine Creek Rail Trail near Camp Kline and Ramsey Village will be closed for a few weeks in September.

During that time, Williams Gas will perform routine maintenance on a pipeline in the area.

Jeff Prowant, state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources forest director for the Tiadaghton district, said the area closed off won’t affect the trail as a whole.

“(It’s) a minor, minor piece, about 100 feet wide … just a small piece where Williams will be doing some maintenance,” he said.

The crew will remove an old piece of casing on the pipeline that was installed to handle stress from train travel when the area was an active railway, said John Roberto, Williams Gas district manager.

No detour will be put into effect for the few weeks that the company will be working, but riders can travel the trail from either direction up to the closed-off section.

According to Prowant, DCNR looked into detours but was unable to come up with one that would work for that section of the trail.

Prowant wants bike riders to be aware that the closure only is temporary and largely will not affect riders in the area.

“I know there’s a lot of misinformation, on Facebook especially. There’s a few individuals that are incorrect in their information,” Prowant said.

Roberto said the timeline for the project was subject to the whims of the weather, but said work is scheduled to be completed in two to three weeks. The company aims to finish the project before the Jersey Shore YMCA’s “Ride with the Y.”

Williams Gas will be doing other work on pipelines in the area, and this maintenance is not isolated to the trail.

“We do a lot of work like this,” Roberto said. “We’re trying to minimize it. We don’t want to upset anyone.”