South Side borough settles commercial complaint

South Williamsport Borough Council settled a complaint of small business owner Robert Kotch, of Hughesville, during its meeting on Monday.

Kotch, owner of the Bullfrog Brewery, used to manage the Dixie Baseball Card Shop on 841 Main St.

After closing the shop in 2011, Kotch, unable to sell the property, was told by the Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority and the borough to replace a lateral pipe under his property.

Kotch claims that he has been waiting for word from the borough about how best to replace the pipe and was disputing future delinquency charges because contractors are unable to replace the pipe during Little League season.

Council members said the borough has reminded Kotch of the pipe several times over the past three years and decided that Kotch will have to take the matter to court against the authority.

Council member Robert Cronin sympathized with Kotch, saying that asking a resident to pay for such repairs while also paying taxes for sewer and water was unfair.

Also during the meeting, the South Williamsport Police Department swore in Cody Lepley, of Jersey Shore, as a new borough officer with his wife, three children, mother and mother-in-law in attendance.

In addition, the council approved the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program, allowing the borough to participate in the county’s offer to provide technical and administrative services, with the borough sharing the cost equally among the other participating municipalities.