Work on railroad crossing may cause delays on Antler’s Lane

Two railroad track crossings on Antler’s Lane in Woodward Township south of West Fourth Street will be repaired starting Monday, with the work continuing for about two weeks.

Starting after the weekend, Finkbeiner & Associates of Altoona will begin to make repairs on the first rail crossing, and work during business hours for about a week until it begins to tackle a second track crossing on the road leading to Tag’s Vista, said Jan Finkbeiner, the railroad track repair business owner.

The work is being done for the North Shore Railroad on the tracks owned by the SEDA-Council of Governments Joint Rail Authority, he said.

He obtained permission from the Woodward Township supervisors, he said.

“The road will be open 90 percent of the time,” Finkbeiner said. The work will be done between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., he said.

“We don’t think it will impact us too much,” said Olivia Tagliaferri, manager of the restaurant.

While dinner is the busiest time for the restaurant, customers do arrive in the day for early dinner or lunch, Tagliaferri said, adding that many of those using the road are heading to the river lots.

“We are building a temporary road around the crossing,” Finkbeiner said.

Motorists using Antler’s Lane can access the temporary road during working hours, but there may be an hour or two on some days, most likely Tuesday or Wednesday when a machine is brought in to raise and realign the track, he said.

Passage may not be possible at times, he said.