2nd well pad hearing held; no decision announced

Loyalsock Township’s conditional-use hearing for Inflection Energy’s application to construct a gas well site at 2175 Warrensville Road continued with objectors’ presentations and the supervisors’ response at the fire hall Wednesday night.

As of presstime, no decision had been announced.

Jerry Walls, of 1950 Eldon Road, has been recognized as a party in the proceedings and addressed Inflection Energy on what he called its “very generalized conditional-use application.”

In previous presentations, the natural gas development company called on Gregg Saunders, Inflection Energy’s regulatory and construction engineer, to go through every requirement of the township’s conditional-use ordinance and state how the applicant is properly complying.

During his presentation, Walls said he was present for Saunders’ demonstration but is dissatisfied with the specificity of the information given. Walls believes that though the company may meet the requirements in the ordinance, the township should ask for further conditions.

He distributed a letter to the township supervisors that read, “I do not oppose the development of natural gas facilities for energy resource extraction in Loyalsock Township, so long as it is done with reasonable precautions.”

Walls listed the precautions he believes the township should include in its conditional approval of the well site on Warrensville Road and submitted it for consideration.

Following Walls’ presentation, the township began its response.

The supervisors called on Dan Egly, Loyalsock Township School District business manager, to share enrollment numbers in the district and submit a letter requesting limited truck traffic during peak school bus transportation times.

Egly requested that, during construction, Inflection Energy halt truck traffic to the well site during the school year from 7 to 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 to 4 p.m., which he cites as peak school bus transportation hours.

Susan Smith, an attorney for Inflection Energy, said the company would agree to those conditions.

No additional hearing dates or times were immediately announced as of presstime.


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