Books, more set for sale Saturday

Book lovers and those looking for rare CDs, DVDs and vinyl records, take notice.

The Williamsport Sun-Gazette presents its sixth annual “Books and More Sale” to benefit its Newspapers in Education Literacy program from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, with an early-bird hour 7 to 8 a.m. for those giving a $10 donation to the literacy program enabling newspapers to get into the hands of area students.  Admission from 8 a.m. to noon is free.

“All proceeds from the sale of thousands of items each year goes to help fund the newspaper’s Newspapers in Education Literacy Program for local schools,” said Bernard A. Oravec, Sun-Gazette publisher.

At the sale, expect to see up to 10,000 items to select from, most of them in new or “like new” condition, Oravec said.

The amount of materials covers nearly a full city block inside the building, he said.

“At least half of the items are new and most don’t even look as though they are used,” Oravec said. “We’ve made sure they are the cleanest and best conditioned going out for the sale. When you attend this book sale, you are going to get a good product.”

Among the bulk of materials are hard- and soft-cover books. None of the materials are held over from last year.

“We believe it is important not to hold over materials, so when our repeat customers arrive there is always something new and interesting for them to find,” Oravec said.

They’re priced right too. All items are $2.50 and under, with a majority costing in the range of 50 cents to $2. The staff will accept cash or personal check.

“We have our front office staff helping,” said Linda Dalton Neupauer, Sun-Gazette classifieds advertisement manager.

“Each year this event continues to be well received in the community,” said Connie Tobias, Sun-Gazette human resources manager. “Most of the comments we get are positive and happen during the day of the sale until we start hearing feedback about when the next book sale will be.”

This year, the event was planned to be in conjunction with the arrival of the crisp air, and it’s a perfect opportunity for those looking for a unique and special gift for the holidays.

Oravec is grateful for the continuous support of those donating materials for the sale.

“The generosity of our readers is very impressive,” Oravec said. “Over the past six years, the amount of books, compact discs, DVDs and records received has been unbelievable, and many tell us it rivals other book sales, including the bi-annual sales held by the James V. Brown Library,” he said.

Those attending the newspaper’s book sale are quite surprised.

“A lot of those people who go to other sales are amazed of the quantity and quality of the products,” he said. “And the library is our community partner and neighbor too, so we try not to hold our sales to conflict with the library’s sales,” he said.