Tuesday’s 84 degrees sets Oct. 18 record in the city

Tuesday’s high temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit broke a record in the city for Oct. 18, according to Evan Duffey, a meteorologist at Accuweather in State College.

The old record of 82 degrees was set in 1963, Duffey said.

According to Duffey, warm temperatures in the fall are not that unusual.

“There is a big high pressure system in the upper levels of the atmosphere over the southeastern United States that sets us up so that all the air is originating from the southwest, where it is much warmer than what we would normally be getting,” Duffey said.

The real cold, he said, is back in the Northern Plains, where they are having highs in the 50s, near normal for them.

“There are not too many places in the United States that are colder than normal,” he added.

The normal high temperature for the city on Oct. 18 is 61 degrees with 40 for a low.

Today could reach into the upper 70s as well, and maybe even the low 80s, Duffey said, but he doesn’t think any more records will be broken.

“I think (Tuesday and Wednesday) are the big days for warmth this week. I think we will be close to the (Oct. 19) record of 82 set in 1962, but probably be a bit shy of the record,” he added.

Winds this afternoon will be similar to what they were Tuesday, Duffey said, out of the southwest and “light with some higher gusts.”

People definitely will notice “a big change” on Thursday, Duffey said, when a cold front passes through the region. “Even tonight it will be a lot cooler than last night, about 10 degrees cooler with some showers around,” Duffey said.

Thursday’s forecast high of 67 is “still above normal,” he added.

On Friday, Duffey said, the system will really usher in some colder air, with a high of 62 and rain.

The weekend looks to be cool and windy both Saturday and Sunday with highs in the upper 50s to low 60s.

“Between corn mazes and pumpkin picking and apple cider drinking, it might be a good weekend to heat up the cider,” he said.

By Monday, the temperatures will fall to 10 degrees below normal for both highs and lows, with near freezing temperatures Monday night into Tuesday morning.

“Off to the north and west there might be a few snow showers mixed in with the rain showers Saturday morning, but no accumulating snow is expected; the ground is still too warm,” Duffey added.

Warm weather in fall used to be referred to as Indian Summer, Duffey said, but that normally doesn’t occur until after the first freeze.

“So far there has not been a freeze, though temperatures did dip to 35 degrees at the airport on Oct. 15,” he said.

Record lows for the month of October are all below freezing, according to Duffey.

“If we get to freezing on Monday it won’t be a spectacular event,” he added. “The record for Oct. 24 is 30 degrees so even if we get down to 32, it won’t break the record.”