Brandon Park Commission to amend documents

Brandon Park Commission members decided during their meeting Tuesday afternoon to update certain forms in order to provide further clarity on park usage and other matters.

The decision comes in the wake of both miscommunications as well as the county’s decision to bring in an outside law firm to review the documents of local government bodies.

The Brandon Park Request Forms will be updated to show that the band shell restrooms cannot be used after Oct. 1 of each season due to being winterized, after a miscommunication recently left park users in a bind to find a bathroom. The form will also issue a recommendation that users who are expecting a large party also use additional Port-o-Potties rather than relying solely on the few bathrooms in the park.

Another update to the form may include an advisery against using any sort of paints on the park’s grounds. Recently, an organization arranged for a 5K run and marked the course using paint it thought would wash away with the rain. However, it has not washed away and removal may cost up to $2,900, the commission’s Tom Cillo said.

“I wouldn’t call it damage, but I am displeased,” he said. “It could be years before (the paint washes away naturally).”

Commission Chairman Thad Meckley said the Master Plan Grant that has been in the works also is facing some updates, including the addition of a deed restriction. It’s still the same as what was originally agreed upon, just a little “fluffier,” he said.

Approval is expected to come in January, he added.