County to pay thousands for golf course irrigation

Locally elected and appointed officials voted on the following matters in the past week:


• The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives did not vote last week.


• The state Senate and House of Representatives did not vote last week.


• The Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority approved an application for grant funds to assist with the transfer of the Mifflin Manor Sanitary Sewer System to authority management. Board members voting at the meeting were Michael Miller, Charles Hall, Paul Wentzler, Jan Ransdorf, James R. Carpenter, Frank Forsha and Victor Marquardt.

• The Lycoming County commissioners approved a $142,226 contract for phase three of renovations to the irrigation system at the White Deer Golf Complex. Voting at the meeting were Rick Mirabito and Jack McKernan. Tony Mussare was absent.

School District

• Williamsport Area School Board voted to adopt a parameters resolution for the refinancing of their 2013 and 2009 bonds that could yield a minimum of 3 percent or $237,000 savings. The resolution will give Public Financial Management, the district’s private financial adviser, the flexibility to hold a bond sale when the interest rates are most favorable. The board approved a contract with McClure Co. to fix the sewer line at Williamsport Area High School. The company cannot exceed a cost of $72,000. Voting yes were Lori Baer, Robin Knauth, Patrick Dixon, Jennifer Lake, Jerene Milliken, Nancy Story Somers, Jane Penman, Spencer Sweeting and Scott Williams.