Deer season starts with sun

DAVE KENNEDY/Sun-Gazette Correspondent Sun shines through trees nears Hughesville last week, illuminating the autumn leaves. This week, hunters who hit Pennsylvania’s wooded areas in search of white-tailed deer will do so amid dwindling sunshine and, by midweek, steady rain, meteorologists say.

It may be cold, but at least there will be sun this morning as hunters gear up and stake out on the first morning of Pennsylvania’s 12-day firearms deer season, said Barry Lambert, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Lambert said the day will start off in the low- to mid-20s and gradually will warm up to the high 40s. However, as it warms, clouds are expected to roll in this afternoon.

The forecast depends on those clouds, he said.

“If the clouds roll in early, without that sunshine, it may not warm up that much,” Lambert said.

Even if today doesn’t warm up, he added, the rest of the week will be much more wet and mild.

“Unfortunately, after (today), we could see

some rain during the prime hunting times,” Lambert said. “Not the most optimal conditions for deer hunting.”

Steady rain is likely to begin tonight and last into Tuesday afternoon, followed by showers that will continue Tuesday night into Wednesday, due to moisture coming in from southern states and the Gulf of Mexico. Temperatures for Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to be in the 50s.

The end of the week even may bring snow showers for the northernmost parts of the county as well as in Sullivan County, Lambert said.

Temperatures will be in the low 50s on Thursday with a chance of showers in the morning.

The sun will show itself again on Friday, though temperatures will continue to drop into the 40s.

This year’s firearms deer season will continue through Dec. 10, with doe and buck seasons running concurrently starting Dec. 3. For a breakdown of antler restrictions and other regulations as well as licensing information, visit the Game Commission’s website at