DuBoistown holding line on taxes

DuBoistown Borough Council on Thursday approved a preliminary borough budget for 2017 that reflects no increase in taxes next year.

The real estate tax rate will remain at 4.5 mills.

“We did some jigging and cutting to do that,” Council President Michael A. Caschera Jr. said.

Next year’s total budget of $502,252 reflects a decrease from this year’s $515,362 budget.

In conjunction with this action, council accepted the 2017 preliminary sewer budget of $594,738. The current sewer rate of $72.50 a month will remain the same for borough residents for next year.

Both budgets are expected to be approved at next month’s meeting.

An ordinance amending the current streets and sidewalks ordinance was approved.

Under the new ordinance, residents are prohibited from putting grass clipping in the streets that would then be carried into the storm sewers.

Residents also are prohibited from alterring the contours of their properties in order to direct more runoff into the street.

The ordinance establishes fines and enforcement procedures.

Council noted that because this is a new ordinance, once it is adopted residents who fail to comply will be reminded once and then ticketed on the second offense.

A matter brought to council by a resident of Edgewood Avenue concerning bears on a neighboring property was deemed a private issue by council.

Following the resignation of Robert Jacobs from the borough zoning hearing board, Caschera said the borough will be asking the county zoning board to handle issues that might come up until two replacements can be found for the local board.

The next council meeting will be at 7 p.m. Dec. 1 at the borough building.