Exit poll: White men favored Trump, minorities preferred Clinton

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Democrat Hillary Clinton’s base of support among women, minorities and younger voters held up for her Tuesday in Pennsylvania while Republican Donald Trump had a big lead among white men.

Here’s a look at some of the details from preliminary results from the exit poll conducted for The Associated Press and the television networks on Tuesday.

Some voters

held noses

About in 1 in 10 Pennsylvania voters said neither Clinton nor Trump is qualified to be president. Hardly any said both were qualified, honest or had the temperament for the job.

Relatively few of the voters who had serious qualms about both Clinton and Trump chose minor-party candidates. About 3 of 5 Trump voters said he’s not honest and about the same said he’s not qualified to be president.

About 3 in 5 Clinton voters questioned their candidate’s honesty. But more than 9 in 10 of her supporters said she’s qualified.

Clinton leads easily

among minorities

Trump has a lead among white voters in Pennsylvania, but Clinton has support among about 4 out of 5 nonwhites, who collectively make up about a third of her voters.

Clinton leads

in Philly suburbs

Both candidates made repeated stops in Philadelphia in its suburbs.

Getting the vote out in Democrat-dominated Philadelphia was important for Clinton, and both candidates wanted to make their case to voters in the suburbs.

Clinton dominated in the city, as expected, getting 4 in 5 votes.

She also had a convincing lead in the suburbs.

Trump led in northeastern and central Pennsylvania. It was close in the western part of the state.

Differences on

trade, immigration

The majority of voters said that trade costs the U.S. jobs. And about two-thirds of voters who believe that supported Trump.

But among those who said trade creates jobs, about two-thirds voted for Clinton.

There were similar divides in views on whether the U.S. should deport people who are in the country illegally.

About 3 in 10 said such residents should be deported, and that group voted overwhelmingly for Trump.