Marino to be key adviser to Trump

U.S. Rep. Tom Marino, R-Cogan Station, has been asked to be on the executive committee of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team.

According to Ryan Barton, senior director for Marino, the local congressman accepted the position with Trump and will be one of 10 individuals to assist him with key administrative decisions.

Marino endorsed Trump as he was running to be the presidential nominee for the Republican Party and was a strong advocate for him throughout the campaign.

According to Barton, Marino will be instrumental in decisions to choose high-level employees for the Trump Administration’s next four-year term and he will assist in policy decisions, including border security, repealing the Affordable Care Act and building local infrastructure.

“(Trump) trusts Tom and he would like Tom to be a part of his inner circle going forward and helping to advance his agenda,” Barton said.

Barton assured the members of Marino’s district that his new role would not take him away from his district duties, but added that it would give those in the 10th Congressional District a bigger voice in Washington, D.C.

A statement from Marino will come at a later date, Barton said.