YMCA names new CEO

MARK NANCE/Sun-Gazette Chad A. Eberhart, standing in the Williamsport YMCA, has been named the new CEO of the River Valley Regional YMCA.

Chad Eberhart, who began as a YMCA program coordinator 12 years ago, has been named the new CEO of the River Valley Regional YMCA.

He is taking the place of former CEO David Fagerstrom, who left the association in June.

Eberhart has been working with the local organization for 12 years. He started as a program coordinator and directed the programs for youth, adult and men’s fitness.

He also was the Williamsport branch executive director, chief operating officer and became interim CEO in July.

Being in different jobs throughout the organization has given him perspective as he enters the new position.

“The challenge as CEO is to make sure to not be disconnected,” he said. “Being away from the grind, it’s easy to make decisions from your own perspective.”

During his time as chief operating officer, he learned it is important to step back to see what is going on and evaluate how to move forward, he said. Experiences like that have given him the confidence to guide the staff.

“My goals and process as I’ve worked with the YMCA are focusing on programs and services and do our best with that,” he said. “There’s always a drive to service the most, the best we can.”

He said he wants the organization to have balance, to be able to meet the needs of the community but not take on more than it can handle.

Having a team-oriented association is important to him, to get excited about what the organization does for the community and to encourage one another.

As he begins to lead the organization, he envisions a cycle where the YMCA provides services that help the community, then people will share their stories of how they’ve been impacted by those programs, thereby gaining support from volunteers and donors, and the cycle repeats.

The concept of community atmosphere along with fitness and wellness was what originally got Eberhart interested in the YMCA.

At the Williamsport branch, there have been multiple chronic disease management and prevention programs he assisted in establishing. For instance, a cancer survivor group and diabetes prevention group create a supportive environment for its members as they socialize, learn and grow together.

As the next step in his career begins, he is entering it with passion for the YMCA and the communities that it serves, he said. He hopes he can continue to help make a difference in those areas during his time as CEO.