South Williamsport Area School Board makes several new hires

The South Williamsport Area School Board voted to hire several full- and part-time employees on Monday.

Betty Turner and Patricia McNutt were hired as full-time custodians for $9 per hour.

Tim Kelly and Alisha Marie Hart were hired as part-time custodians for $9 per hour.

Mary Louise Beck and Michelle Heim were hired as general food service employees.

At Rommelt Elementary School, Hailey Carson was hired as a learning support teacher for fifth and sixth grades.

In the athletics department, Nathan Miller and Andrew Vail were hired as elementary school basketball coaches.

Voting during the meeting were Chris Branton, Gregg Anthony, Joseph Pulizzi III, Steve Persun, Jerry Broskey, Nicholas Fiorini, Cathy Bachman and Sue Davenport. John Engle was absent.