Man given 19-38 years in rape case

David C. Bean broke down when he found out he will spend the next 19 to 38 years in state prison Monday for sexually assaulting two women.

A jury found Bean, 44, formerly of Loyalsock Township, guilty of 18 of the 20 charges brought against him after a trial in Lycoming County Court in September.

Bean actively was involved in one of his victims heroin addictions.

She used the drug before he assaulted her and recorded it on his cellphone.

Many different videos obtained from that phone included graphic images of Bean raping and orally assaulting his unresponsive victims in various ways.

In one of the videos, a voice confirmed as being Bean’s can be heard saying, “That’s what happens to you.”

“There is so much more to this case and I’ve fought so long and hard to get it all out,” Bean said before finding out how long he’d spend behind bars. “Although I never wanted to put anyone through a trial, I never once tried to hide those videos and told the truth since day one.”

Bean talked about his relationship with one of the women and how sexual violence or assault never was mentioned until he made it clear he no longer would support the woman’s heroin addiction.

“Our relationship was abnormal and toxic to start with,” he said. “I was used, conned, manipulated and lied to.”

Bean gave the woman money and enabled her addiction because, despite the nature of the charges, she was safe when she used drugs with him there, he said.

“It’s important to remember the videos,” Assistant District Attorney A. Melissa Kalaus said. “He says he was trying to protect the woman, but those videos show the depravity and the darkness … he was stone cold sober watching her use the drugs until she was unconscious … It’s sick, dark and wrong; and no matter what type of relationship they had it crossed the line.”

Before the hearing for the sentencing started, Bean was classified as a sexually violent predator.

Testifying as an expert witness in sexually violent predator assessment, C. Townsend Velkoff said that Bean most accurately fit into anti-social disorder type behavior and that he was “highly predatory.”

Five longtime friends and acquaintances who have grown close to Bean described him as a person who was changing and always willing to help anyone who needed it.

Some disagreed with his classification as a sexually violent predator or that he showed characteristics of anti-social behavior.

“You’re obviously articulate, you’re obviously charismatic and people like you,” Judge Dudley N. Anderson said. “But I think you use your talents to manipulate … I think you view yourself as a smart guy who thinks he can pull one over and take advantage of someone.”

Anderson pointed out that Bean has had 10 convictions in his lifetime.

In nine of those convictions he was sentenced to probation, and he violated the terms of his supervision eight times.

“You talk about these young women, but your familiarity with them does not justify what happened,” the judge said.