9 a.m. to 9 p.m. enforcement set for 3 lots, 6 days

The hours of enforcement in three lots managed by the Williamsport Parking Authority will be expanded starting June 1.

New hours as of that date will be 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday in lots outside of the Liberty Arena, bound by West Third, Hepburn and West Fourth streets; at Midtown Landing outside of Trade and Transit Centre II and at a lot at the corner of West Fourth and Court streets, according to a consensus taken by four authority members Wednesday night.

Notices will be placed in envelops alerting drivers to the upcoming extended enforcement hours.

A vote was not needed because it was a management policy change, said Dr. Anthony Cipolla, authority chairman.

At the meeting, the authority also reminded individuals that parking in any lot at 5 p.m. and later on First Fridays of each month is free and tickets won’t be handed out. The only exception is garage parking, which keeps the same rates.

The authority also entertained moving some of the pay stations around in the city where there is lesser income turning up than in other spaces. It wants to provide a pay station that accepts dollar bills at some locations because of complaints registered about that need.

The authority said the snow removal during the week of Storm Stella cost $18,000.

At the next meeting, the authority is expected to get an update on the cost of potentially relocating to another building. An architect is looking at numbers and will provide an estimated cost of rent.