Power outage planned for Wellsboro

WELLSBORO — Much of the Wellsboro Electric system will be without power from 11 p.m. Wednesday to 6 a.m. Thursday while the utility’s transmission supplier, Penelec, makes repairs to its 115,000-volt transmission system in the Niles Valley area.

Craig Eccher, president and CEO of Wellsboro Electric, said the repairs Penelec will be performing to its system cannot take place without de-energizing the Niles Valley transmission line that feeds the Wellsboro system.

“We worked very closely with Penelec to ensure repairs would have as minimal impact on our customers as possible,” Eccher said. “They have done quite a bit of work in advance of this project while energized, but due to technical constraints, an outage is needed for Penelec to complete the work.”

While nearly all of the WECo system will be without power for the duration of the outage, portions of Charleston Township and Wellsboro Borough, including the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital campus, Route 6 corridor from Jackson Street to Weis Market and the north side of Main Street in the downtown area, will be provided with a limited amount of backup power from Penelec’s Mansfield transmission circuit.

Wellsboro Electric customers who wish to charge electronic devices during the outage will be able to use the Wellsboro Community Center on Queen Street.

For more information, call Wellsboro Electric at 570-724-3516.