Respect issues concern Woodward residents

LINDEN — Several Woodward Township residents voiced their concerns at the supervisors meeting Wednesday night about their interactions with Zoning Officer Gary Knarr.

Knarr was not present to answer their allegations that he was disrespectful in his dealing with them when they approached him with questions about their properties and the board instructed solicitor Marc Drier to address the issue with Knarr.

In other business, the board voted to reinstate judgments for zoning violations against two properties in the township. Judgments for unpaid fines against property owners Joanne Colechio and William and Jean Funk, which had lapsed, now are reinstated.

The board also voted to accept a bid of $11,655 from Christian Worth for a 2006 GMC pickup truck with a snow plow.

On another issue, Drier told the board that he had researched whether township officials could be recorded as it pertains to the public’s Right-to-Know laws. He said that in a public setting, such as a meeting it is permissable, even if the board finds it undesirable. Outside of public meetings there is the issue of reasonable expectation of privacy by public officials versus the right to record, whereas in a public meeting that right is established by statutes, according to Drier.

Township secretary Judith Carpenter said that there is an apparent scam in the area involving PPL meters. According to Carpenter, the power company has stated that if there is anything wrong with a homeowner’s meter the company does not charge to repair it.

The next supervisors meeting will be at 7 p.m. May 17 at the township building.