Both parties favor DA’s bid for judge

MARK NANCE/Sun-Gazette Mary-Kay Camp, of Lycoming County Voter Services, right, takes election packets from different precincts at the Voter Services office Tuesday night.

The unofficial primary election results show Eric Linhardt, Lycoming County district attorney, sweeping the Republican nomination for county judge and narrowly clinching the Democratic nomination as well.

Celebrating his win at home with his family Tuesday night, Linhardt said he would “take the night to enjoy this.”

“Then we start working hard to continuing a campaign every day from now until November. Fighting for every vote,” Linhardt said.

Linhardt battled for both nominations against local private attorney Roan Confer, of Montoursville. At the end of the night, the unofficial results showed Linhardt winning with 64 percent of the vote for the Republican nomination and 50 percent of the vote for the Democratic nomination.

The Democratic results were close throughout the night, flipping back and forth between the two candidates and then settling on Linhardt to secure the nomination by 59 votes.

“I congratulate Mr. Linhardt in what appears to be his victories on both sides,” Confer said. “I met a ton of wonderful people in both parties over the last few months.”

“They had a choice and that’s what’s important to me,” Confer added. “Mr. Linhardt will be the next judge and that’s the way it is.”

Also at the county level, Sheriff Mark Lusk boasted a heavy lead over newcomer Chad Riley, a constable in Cogan House Township, grabbing the Republican nomination for sheriff. The unofficial results show Lusk with 77 percent of the vote and Riley with 23 percent.

“(Lusk) did a good job with his campaign,” Riley said. “Obviously people in the county are happy with him and the way things are going.”

Lusk was unable to be reached as of press time.

But Riley’s bid for sheriff may not be over yet. He said he made a push for a Democratic nomination through write-in votes since there are no candidates for sheriff on the Democratic ballot.

At the end of the night there were 637 write-in votes in the unofficial tally for sheriff on the Democratic ballot and that official count won’t begin until Friday.

“It would give us more time, until the fall, to prepare,” Riley said.

Three district judges were running unopposed in the primary. Judge Gary A. Whiteman received 2,989 Republican votes and 1,073 Democratic votes. Judge Jon Kemp received 1,543 Republican votes and 716 Democratic votes. Judge Allen P. Page received 624 Republican votes and 475 Democratic votes.