Frost advisory issued; May remains March-like

Those with early plantings and flowers in the garden and yard beware — a frost advisory has been issued from today through Saturday by the National Weather Service in State College.

Conditions for late night and early morning frost developing is likely in Lycoming County and surrounding areas, according to the forecasters looking ahead for the next several days.

For those concerned about their plants and conditions, the weather service has an internet site at that will keep those concerned alerted to the advisory.

With daily temperatures feeling more like March than May, the work and school week also will likely require a covering while outside, such as a light coat, sweater and hat.

In fact, the forecast indicates temperatures don’t appear to peak above 70 degrees until next Tuesday.

Today, look for it to remain dry, cloudy and cool, with a high of 58 degrees at Williamsport, and a low of 34 tonight.

During the day, plants and the soil absorb and store heat from the sun. As the day turns into night, however, the plants quickly lose their stored heat.

The temperature within the soil and in the plant’s cells may even drop to a few degrees colder than the air. As the temperature drops, the moisture in the air condenses into dew, which then freezes when the temperature reaches 32 degrees on the plant surfaces.

At this temperature, damage to most plants may be minimal, and only affect a leaf or two. However, if the temperature drops far enough for the plant cells to freeze, non-hardy plants will die, according to the site.

As for the temperatures and conditions in the days ahead, the strange cool temperatures continue through the week, with Tuesday’s high reaching only 60 and a low a bit warmer than today at 38.

Wednesday appears to be one of the nicer days of the work and school week, with a high of 65 and sun and a low of 42.

Thursday also appears as nice, with partly sunny conditions and a high of 64 and a low of 46.

Friday should remain about the same, with cloudy conditions and a high of 64 and a low of 46.

For the weekend, the projection is for Mother’s Day possible showers and drizzle, but a high of 64 and a low of 48.

Saturday’s temperatures will be in the upper-60s, with a low of 49.