Loyalsock Township still eyes tax increase

The Loyalsock Township School Board Wednesday approved a proposed budget for next year that hikes real estate taxes by 0.25 mills.

The millage hike reflects a decrease from an earlier proposed spending plan passed by the board in April.

The $22.2 million budget passed by a vote of 6-1.

Voting in favor were Maureen Carey, William P. Carlucci, Christina L. Kiessling, Paul R. Watson II, Shiela Yates and John P. Raymond. Edward H. Ade voted no.

David P. Hornberger and Paul R. Young II were absent.

Under the proposed budget, taxes would increase from 14.17 to 14.42 mills.

The 0.25-mill hike would raise annual taxes for homeowners with properties having an assessed value of $100,000 by $25.

A 0.42 mill rate increase to help cover a teacher hiring was proposed under an earlier spending plan.

However, that position no longer is needed, according to business manager Daniel Egly.

The board still is looking to bring on board a mathematics teacher, a hiring that some board members have indicated is necessary.

“I find it a valid hire at this time,” Yates said.

Ade said while he understood the budget constraints, he simply couldn’t support increases in personnel during a time of crushing pension obligations.

The deadline for a final budget plan is June 30.

The board approved the following as temporary professional employees at the respective annual salaries:

• Emily Brumbaugh, elementary music teacher, $42,525.

• Nicole Freed, secondary school counselor, $46,892.

• Matthew Hill, secondary social studies teacher, $46,892.

• David Tini, secondary music teacher, $42,525.

In other personnel matters, the board appointed Jensen Drick as a bus maintenance employee for the summer at $9 per hour.

Nicholas Hessert was appointed a junior high track coach for the 2017-18 school year.

School directors hired Fred Hamm Inc., of Jersey Shore, for trash disposal and recycling services for one year at $17,084.