Fireworks hit spectators and vehicles

ROARING BRANCH — A fireworks show at The Wheel Inn was cut short Sunday night after two mortars shot fireworks toward spectators.

According to John Ambruch, who had attended the event with his daughter, a mortar shooting fireworks shot a round that seemed to “not have enough propellant.”

The first shot, according to Ambruch, landed toward the restaurant. The firework injured an individual, possibly giving them second-degree burns, according to the state police.

“They paused for a little bit to make sure everyone was OK,” said Kelsey, another spectator who declined to release her last name.

The fireworks show then continued. But shortly after the first incident, a second firework shot across the street, landing near bystanders and injuring at least two more individuals, state police said.

“It went up and basically dropped right along the side the road,” said Ambruch who sat about 20 feet from the explosion. “I was sitting there with my daughter and had just enough time to cover her.”

Kelsey’s car had been close to where the second firework landed.

“We don’t know the extent (of damage) because it was dark,” Kelsey said. “The bumper was buckled in and along the side you can see waffle-like burn marks and the tail light was smashed.”

The Wheel Inn, local police and fire officials did not respond to attempts to contact them for more information.

City fire officials also were unavailable to provide information on fireworks safety.