Hopes for the future pinned on new junior board

PHOTO PROVIDED The new junior fair board includes, from left, Jacob Reynolds, Calli Moore, Lilly Kepner and Ethan Poust, all of Hughesville. Not pictured is David Hopfer, who joined the board after the photo was taken.

HUGHESVILLE — The Lycoming County Fair Board has appointed its first Junior Fair Board, an effort intended to get local youth more involved in fair operations and to find successors for the senior board as its members get older and less able to serve.

“The reason for doing it was to get the youth more active in the fair and provide a different perspective on how we can improve it to accommodate all the citizens of Lycoming County,” said Mike Bieber, a member of the senior fair board.

“The hope is that, as our senior board members get to the point they can’t do the job anymore, the junior fair board members will be there to take over and continue the legacy of the fair.”

The new board became active in May and consists of high school students in grades nine through 12.

In addition to shadowing the senior board members, junior board members will be able to raise money for and plan youth activities during the fair as well as have input into events held during the fair.

Currently, the board is made up entirely of students from the East Lycoming School District. However, Bieber said the board is open to students from high schools throughout the county.

“Our goal is to have a cross section of kids from all over the county,” he said.

The junior board’s president, Lilly Kepner, who will be a sophomore at Hughesville High School this year, said the board has already hosted fundraisers such as a casual dance and a kickball game. The board also will sell T-shirts and host another kickball game as well as a movie night at the fair.

Kepner said she’s excited to be on the board and to be its first president.

“I personally love going to the fair and love to help with it,” she said. “I was pretty excited (about joining the board), I’ve always wanted to try this. It’s a big thing for me to be president.”

Kepner, who exhibits her cow “Georgia” and grand champion goat “Purple” in the fair, intends to stick around after graduating high school and go to college locally to be a veterinarian. She hopes to join the senior board once she ages out of the junior board.

“I could stay here and help out with the fair,” she said.

David Hopfer, also a Hughesville sophomore, is looking forward to getting to know more about the fair and his fellow board members, as well as helping out.

“I’ve only been to the fair once or twice, so being on the board allows me to go more often and help out,” he said. “I’m most looking forward to meeting everybody who comes to the fair and helping out as much as I can.”

Hopfer said he wants to be a part of the board and the fair because of how it affects others.

“The fair gets people out and doing activities,” he said. “It helps out the county.”

The fair continues from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily through Saturday.