15 candidates on Nov. 7 ballot for 2 study commissions

Nine people have filed papers to appear on the Nov. 7 ballot for charter commissioner, while six others are on the ballot for a government study commission.

Besides electing seven city residents to each commission, voters will be asked if they want the form of city government to be studied by a charter commission, as well as a study of home rule by a government study commission.

With only six individuals on the ballot for the second commission, a write-in candidate may be elected.

The first question will ask voters: “Shall a charter commission of seven members be elected to study the charter and form of government of the City of Williamsport and to consider a new charter and to make recommendations thereon?”

Candidates for charter commissioner are: Gerry Fausnaught, of 1508 Elmira St.; Steven M. Shope, of 608 Hawthorne Ave.; David Stone, of 981 First Ave.; Patrick Marty, of 928 Campbell St.; Tony Nardi, of 831 Rural Ave.; Stiles Miller, of 450 Center St.; Fred A. Holland, of 656 Krouse Ave.; Howard L. Biichle Jr., of 1315 Sherman St.; and Thomas L. Forquer, of 105 Union Ave.

The second question will ask voters: “Shall a government study commission of seven members be elected to study the existing form of government of the City of Williamsport, to consider the advisability of the adoption of a home rule charter and, if advisable, to draft and to recommend a home rule charter?”

Should voters choose to study home rule, a government study commission will be formed. On the ballot for that body are: Alison D. Hirsch, of 423 Rural Ave.; Margaret A. Tupper, of 810 Arch St.; Ralph M. Stephens, of 99 Parkwood St.; Jennifer B. Ayers of 750 Belmont Ave.; Ardis JP Mason of 1716 Memorial Ave.; and Matilda R. Noviello, of 363 Union Ave.

A seventh member of this commission will be needed and may be picked by write-in vote.