Base paving expected to be done on Penn Street project before winter

The city public works committee discovered Tuesday that a natural gas line and paving project primarily on Penn Street, but including areas north of Washington Boulevard, will be smoothed out before winter driving.

Depending on weather and Glenn O. Hawbaker contractors and scheduling, the project should have a base coat on it before the asphalt plants close a week or so before Thanksgiving, said Joseph Gerardi, city codes administrator.

Tom Cillo, general manager of city Streets and Parks Department, said he would be heading out with the contractor to go over these and other street projects but getting the East End project to at least not have ruts and holes on it was vital to the city employee.

The committee also said it would go a ways toward improving relations with the residents of the city, especially those who live or use the street reguarly.

In other business, the committee and finance committee later in the day gave positive recommendations to Williamsport Bureau of Fire to use a $4,500 grant it received from the state fire commissioners’ office to purchase new gas meters.

The meters will be able to detect carbon monoxide and other gases depending on the type of sensors installed. The meters are portable and were paid for through the grant that is funded by natural gas impact fees, said city Fire Chief Todd Heckman. City Council will vote on the grant tonight.

Another gas meter is expected to be installed on a fire engine housed at Old Lycoming Township, Heckman said.

City Assistant Fire Chief Mark Killian and Deputy Fire Chief Dave Dymeck will present the information to council.