City school board: Construction project slated at Stevens

The Williamsport Area School Board unanimously approved a construction project for Stevens Primary School entrance improvements at a cost of $164,280 during its school board meeting on Tuesday.

The construction will be done by HRI Inc., of Williamsport. The project is funded by the capital reserve fund.

The project primarily consists of work on the outside of the school, ripping out sidewalks all the way from the curb to the entrance and redoing them. One issue was what to do with an old wall on the left side of the school.

“There was a question that was put forward to us as to whether or not we rebuild the retaining wall,” said Dr. Timothy Bowers, superintendent. “At the time, we paused because I didn’t have a figure for what it would save us if we didn’t go ahead and build that wall.”

The board had an option to rebuild a wall for aesthetic purposes at an additional $28,000 but voted against doing so. The price included a photo of what the building might look like with a different, rebuilt wall.

“I would rather see it go … if the choice is replacing it and replacing it with something like this, I’d rather have nothing there,” said Jerene Milliken, board member.

Patrick Dixon, board member, suggested the stones removed from the old wall be used at the high school for students to construct things.

“Couldn’t the construction teacher or the landscaping teacher use the stone?” he said. “For us to buy stone, right there it is.”

Bowers said the stone could go to the high school for student use.

“We also had them bid the steps themselves into the building,” Bowers said.

The price for the concrete steps into the building was $16,000 and is included in the overall price of $164,280.

“It’s good to have that Stevens project under way now,” Bowers said.

In other business, the board approved the resignation of Jeffrey L. Richards, district business administrator, for the purpose of retirement, effective April 6, 2018.

“I’d like to take a moment to congratulate Richards on his retirement,” said Lori Baer, board president.

Richards has been with the district for almost 10 years.

Voting yes were members Baer, Milliken, Dixon, Jennifer Lake, Dr. Nancy Story Somers, Scott Williams and Dr. Robin Knauth. Dr. Jane Penman and Spencer Sweeting were absent.

The next meeting will be 6 p.m. Oct. 3 at the District Service Center, 2780 W. Fourth St.