2-hour Penn College parking on Vine Ave not likely till spring

It will likely be until spring when two-hour spaces can be put behind Pennsylvania College of Technology on Vine Avenue.

The Williamsport Parking Authority Wednesday discussed the request of City Councilman Don Noviello at its meeting and determined from William E. Nichols Jr., city finance director and general manager of River Valley Transit, the timing of the proposed changes would require a change in the ordinance on residential permit zones.

“It would take two readings by council,” Nichols said.

Additionally, individuals who already have paid for permit parking for the fall will need to wait until spring, he said.

At the latest check, David Kish, operations manager for the authority, said he noticed five vehicles parked in the permit zone and a few that did not have permits.

Noviello, a professor at the college, asked Dr. Anthony Cipolla, authority chairman, to consider the change because many students and teachers may park there for an hour to attend a class and move out quickly during the day.

No vote was taken but Cipolla said he would inform Noviello about the need for the ordinance to be changed before the two-hour parking signs could be installed and enforcement done.

In another matter involving parking meters, the authority placed meters on Pine Street outside of the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce to accommodate businesses downtown because the chamber was not having many bus tours stop at the former bus drop-off area for tourism purposes.

A revenue report by Todd Wright, an authority employee, indicated a running balance of $179,000 in the authority checking account.

The authority is back to two full-time parking enforcement officers.

Revenue from tickets has dropped by $3,000, but with the return of the staff, one of which was pulled off to do maintenance work during the summer, such revenue is expected to “bounce back,” Wright said.

A pay station that accepts paper currency/bills is not working at the lot outside of the Liberty Arena, but is getting repaired, Kish said.

Enclosures, for the comfort and convenience of patrons using pay stations around the business district during rain or inclement weather, have been ordered and will soon be installed, Kish said.

The authority held an executive session regarding a property under negotiation where it is considering its next office headquarters to be located downtown. No business was conducted after the session closed to the press and public.