City Council committees: Paving funds rolled over for 2018 projects

It’s typical for the city to use money for street repaving and reconstruction from the prior year.

That happened this year, with 2016 funding for street repaving projects used but none of the 2017 funds could be used before the Oct. 15 cut off. The 2017 money will be rolled over for next year’s paving projects.

“The city did get some streets repaved using 2016 funding sources,” said Rebecca Haladay, city engineer.

Those projects included West Third Street, between Park and Maynard streets and Maynard Street, between West Third and West Fourth streets, according to a list provided by Deb Grado, of the city Streets and Parks Department.

The 2017 funds will be on reserve for next year’s paving projects, Haladay said.

To ensure that and ease his mind, Councilman Clifford “Skip” Smith, committee chairman, said the funds should be put in an escrow account.

Many of the streets that people might have noticed getting paved this summer were done by the state Department of Transportation or by Williamsport Municipal Water and Sanitary Authority or contractors for UGI, a gas company, said Councilwoman Bonnie Katz.

In other discussion that resulted in action taken, council’s finance committee and public works committee gave positive recommendations for the city to apply for a $966,000 “Green Light Go” grant from PennDOT.

Technology exists at intersections whereby the traffic signals can determine traffic flows, helping to ease congestion.

The grant would be for intersections in the East Third Street/Old City Gateway redevelopment project area.

For the grant to be accepted, the city will assume a provision of the local share of the project cost of 20 percent,” said Councilman Randall J. Allison, acting chairman of the finance committee.

Funding is available and earmarked for the project. The grant application received a positive recommendation from public works and finance committees. That means it likely will be voted on Thursday night by council.