Expert expects ‘quiet stretch of weather’

MARK NANCE/Sun-Gazette A woman is silhouetted against the sun’s glare on the water as she rows across Rose Valley Lake Sunday.

Warm days and cool fall nights this week will be perfect for collecting fallen leaves under the sun and visiting haunted houses by moonlight.

According to National Weather Service meteorologist Craig Evanego, this week will see minimal rain and humidity and be perfect for outdoor activities.

“It looks like a quiet stretch of weather,” Evanego said. “Generally light winds and treading toward chilly weather as we move toward next week.”

According to Evanego, this morning will see cool 40 degree weather with slight fog, and will rebound to the early 60s with a slight south western breeze.

“This is definitely a good week for (the outdoors) as we move on into the weekend,” Evanego said.

Friday will be in the 60s and sunny and will cool down to around 40 degrees at night. Saturday will be similar to Friday, with mid 60s in the afternoon, and colder weather at night. According to Evanego, Saturday night will be cloudier than the night before and may be a good time for warm sweaters and bonfires.

By Sunday, the weather will have warmed up even more and those looking for nice weather for the end of the weekend can expect some cloud cover and temperatures in the low 70s.

The warm stretch of weather this week is not unusual for this time of year, according to Evanego, but it looks like colder weather may very well be on the way.

“Probably a bit warmer than normal not anything record breaking,” Evanego said. “It’s not unusual to have dry stretches like this in October.”

By the beginning of next week, a low pressure front will be moving in behind the high pressure front currently dominating the area, bringing in colder weather and a slightly higher humidity, said Evanego, who also noted that with that lower pressure there may be some showers by the beginning of the week.

“The next chance of rain doesn’t look like until Monday,” Evanego said.

Along with that colder weather, leaves may begin to show more vibrant colors compared to the still verdant green leaves on many trees in the area.

“We are behind but I would think the color is going to improve at some point,” Evanego said.